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Madge Networks, N.V. a leader and provider of Token Ring products, acquired the Teleos AccessSwitch (ISDN access switch) product family in 1996. By adding Teleos AccessSwitch product line to its Token Ring and ATM LAN switching portfolio, Madge Networks was able to provide an end-to-end solution for switched networks.

This solution was critical to the success of large business and government organizations that needed to integrate the delivery of data, voice and video to the desktop. However, with the acceleration of Ethernet technologies and the lessening focus on ATM to the desktop, the integrated platform Madge envisioned became less compelling over time. Eventually, Madge spun off the Teleos AccessSwitch products. Today, TKO focuses on installing, maintaining and managing these systems in enterprise networks.

Technical Support and Product Availability

At TKO, we offer diagnostic assistance, technical support and one of the largest inventories (worldwide) of upgrades and replacement parts for the AccessSwitch product lines. Contact us for availabilty and further information.

  • Madge Model 20 - Switch capabilities for individual floors of large buildings and also branch office sites. Individual configurations can be specified in an appliance platform.
  • Madge Model 60 - Designed for medium size regional offices, corporate sites and international locations. Capable of supporting up to 24 T1/E1 or 40 BRI interfaces.
  • Madge Model 200 - Ideal for large corporate campuses, government locations and development laboratories. A central hub switching system capable of distributing T1/E1, PRI or BRI services across a campus or global network. Up to 19 slots for customizing a unique configuration of modules. This system can perform translations between public and private networks and from BRI to PRI or T1 services.
  • Cards/Modules - are individual plug-in modules that can be inserted into slots in either the AccessSwitch 60 (6 slot) or AccessSwitch 200 (20 slot) frame. They include:

    VTIU, INP, INP3, INP4, INP4D, INP4/4T - System Controllers
    SAIU, QRVX and DRVX - Synchronous Cards
    OBIU, OBIU-U, BRIU - Basic Rate Cards
    MCU4 - Multipoint cards

    Some of these cards have been revised to newer configurations over time. If you have cards/modules that are listed above, contact TKO for information on technical support, upgrades or replacements.

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