Satellite Broadcasting Equipment

Satellite broadcasting equipment used is to transmit one party's message to many. Satellite "source end" and "destination" equipment makes the transmission possible.

Broadcasting via Satellite

Broadcasting happens when the point of origin transmits a signal to a satellite that it then relays back to Earth. This can be done by using a geo-synchronous orbiting satellite or a satellite teleport.

Geo-synchronous Orbiting Satellite

  • uplink truck equipped with a dish and transmitter send signal to a geo-synchronous satellite
  • Tesltar, Satcom, and Galaxy series orbiting satellites are commonly used

Satellite Teleports

  • These are permanent satellite uplink facilities
  • A video signal can be transmitted from the source via fiber to a teleport
satellite broadcast

Satellite Downlink

At the viewing location (or destination) for the broadcast, a satellite downlink is required. A downlink can be a portable system or a permanent installation. Downlinks require:

  • a small receiving dish 1.8 meters in diameter
  • a clear view of the southern sky
  • a connection from the dish to a satellite receiver
  • a smart card for viewing encrypted signals to ensure privacy

TKO Video Communications

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