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Comparisons of Technology

There are three primary modes of technology in video communications that enable a Multi-Site meeting. They are: satellite broadcasting, video conferencing and web conferencing. Listed below are their general characteristics and their advantages/disadvantages. Each technology is suitable for a Multi-Site meeting when the objective of the meeting is properly matched with the capabilities of the technology.

Satellite Broadcasting - Multi-Site Interactive (with full, two-way interactivity)

Broadcast quality - high resolution
Projected image is not degraded
Setup time can be short (just days)
Highest cost
Largest crew
Technically complex

Satellite Broadcasting - One to Many Sites (with audio Q&A)

Broadcast quality - high resolution
Reduces cost by broadcasting only one location throughout
Setup time can be short (just days or even hours)
High cost
Large crew
Only the broadcast location (Host Site) is seen at all sites
Regional sites have only an audio line to Host Site

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Video Conferencing

Fully interactive with all sites
Costs are generally lower than satellite broadcasting
High cost
Network lines such as ISDN may not be available at venue
Long lead time to install ISDN or other suitable networks
Medium to low resolution - may not be suitable for projection

Web Conferencing

Available to anyone with a computer and Internet access
Participants may attend a meeting from their normal work stations without travel
Lowest cost delivery
Low resolution - low quality
Participants may not have high quality Internet Access
Meeting quality is based on the quality of attendee's Internet Access and computer capabilities
Creates no sense of impact or community among participants

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