Audio Conferencing Services

TKO offers exclusive audio conferencing services for special meetings including:

  • Confidential Audio Conferencing
  • Password-less teleconferencing
  • Toll Free inbound conference attendance
  • Customizable billing options for all callers
  • One telephone number per teleconference
  • Dial out conference service to each participant
  • Managed attendance with live operator screening
  • Audio conference integration with video conferencing

Confidential Audio Conferencing

This service provides an exclusive network, audio conferencing equipment and a screening operator for each teleconference. Each teleconference call has the full and exclusive use of all systems and operators, thus ensuring absolute privacy.

Password-Less and Toll Free Inbound Conferencing

Uniquely offered by TKO, each teleconference is managed by an operator who matches each caller to the list of expected attendees. This eliminates the continual problem of users and passwords getting mixed up and it streamlines and expedites your ability to use our teleconferencing services.

Toll Free inbound conference attendance allows your teleconference participants to call from any location without concern for the call charges that may apply.

Customized Billing

Customizable billing options for all callers enables your organization to pay for a teleconference on one bill or for each participant to be charged individually.

One Telephone Number per Teleconference

One telephone number per teleconference means that each of your conference participants can call the same telephone number to reach the operator at the start of your teleconference thereby streamlining the call-in process.

Dial-out Conference Services

TKO calls teleconference attendees for you. This is particularly helpful when some meeting attendees should not join the call until a specific time during the conference. A "dial out" service is available to your callers, once validated by TKO then they are easily connected.

TKO's engineering professionals run your audio conferencing systems seamlessly and smoothly.

Managed Attendance with Live Operator Screening

Rely on TKO's operators to screen your teleconference participants and time their entry into the call. We can ensure your participants are introduced into the conference without interrupting your meeting after thorough security screening or only when called upon to participate.

Integration with Video Conferencing

Audio conferencing integration with video conferencing adds a powerful dimension to both audio conferences and video conferences. Adding in a single audio telephone caller and especially a group of people on an audio teleconference can be quite distracting. TKO's live operators use our systems to arrange the call with the teleconference separately from the video conference and merge the two only when the time is right.

TKO Video Communications

TKO also provides video conferencing equipment, software, outsourcing and event management including video and audio streaming, audio teleconferencing and satellite broadcasting, In addition, we offer telecommunications and video conference training.

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