Audio Conferencing Testing

Audio conferencing systems require careful integration into communications networks. When properly engineered and installed, modern audio conferencing systems can provide years of high quality service and cost savings.

Testing Services

audio conferencing testing

TKO provides three types of testing services for audio conferencing, voice mail, telephone and IP voice systems:

  • Operational Testing
  • Benchmark Testing
  • Load Testing

Operational Testing

This is a battery of tests that ensure systems are functioning to the manufacturer's specifications in a given user environment. Live testing takes place in the actual network where daily operation is expected. Testing is performed on the end-user or customer network providing results that validate how communications systems will operate daily.

Bulk call testing of audio conferencing calls in a controlled environment can reveal the true operational character of today's state of the art systems.

Testing includes validating connections, audio quality and levels, user touchtone keypad input and both ad hoc and recurring conference scheduling. System load testing, in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications and up to the installation's network capacities, are required operational tests.

Benchmark Testing

Benchmark test results define the extremes of network performance. Once defined, variable midrange tests can be performed at changing load points to determine the performance a typical user can expect from the communications network.

Load Testing

Load testing includes testing systems at both expected and unexpected call volume (or traffic) over time. Factors tested include time of day, user population, topology, and routing schema.

By designing load tests that take each of these (and more) conditions into account, engineers can create predictive models. Predictive modeling offers an opportunity to understand communication system behaviors under a wide variety of operational conditions.

TKO Video Communications

TKO also provides video conferencing equipment, software, outsourcing and event management including satellite broadcasting, audio teleconferencing, streaming video and audio. In addition, we offer video conferencing and telecommunications training.

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