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The Initia family of switching products offers low cost telephone switching in a reliable architecture for the enterprise. The expandable AccessSwitch slotted frames offer public and private routing for Primary Rate and Basic Rate ISDN networks in addition to E1 and T1 signaling. These interfaces can be routed to one another and configured as either trunks or ports. Together in a slotted hub they enable an almost limitless combination of WAN networking alternatives. The AccessSwitch product family also offers synchronous interfaces for high-speed bandwidth allocation to routers and video conferencing systems over both public and private networks

TKO and Initia

Initia Incorporated acquired the popular AccessSwitch (ISDN access switch) product line from Madge Networks, N.V. in October, 2000. Initia continues to refine this highly stable product by adding features and software that enable ease of use and administration. The AccessSwitch Model 20, Model 60 and Model 200 are unique in the communications industry for their low cost and robust features. And, the highest caliber technical teams from TKO and Initia are available for both technical support and diagnostic assistance. TKO and Initia are dedicated to providing high quality and reliable switching systems for enterprise networking and laboratory development of ISDN products.

Authorized AccessSwitch Reseller

AccessSwitch Reseller (VAR)

As an AccessSwitch reseller and a long time business partner to the Initia team, TKO offers technical support, diagnostic assistance and one of the largest inventories (globally) of upgrades and replacement parts for the AccessSwitch product family. TKO maintains a large stock of Initia's newest products and software including EX Frames for both the Model 60 and Model 200 Access Switches. Contact us for further information and to check in-stock availability.

Initia Equipment
The AccessSwitch product family offers small to medium sized switching platforms that are ideal for both business and government applications. These platforms manage complex digit outpulsing including digit manipulation and translations of service codes and public/private designations. Administrators that are familiar with the Q.931 protocol will find the AccessSwitch protocol analysis tools invaluable for problem definition and resolution. All products in the AccessSwitch family are equipped with the same powerful translations and Q.931 protocol analysis tools.
AccessSwitch 20 An appliance designed switching platform with quiet and powerful operations for specific applications such as video conference room routing of both public and private calls. Several configurations of this switch can be preconfigured and ordered with no need to move cards at the point of operation. Includes the Q.931 protocol analysis tools found on the much more capable slotted hubs.
Intelligent Switch An extension of the Model 20 AccessSwitch, the Intelligent Switch is an appliance switch which is ideal for distributed networks at remote locations, such as a branch office or for distributing network to separate floors of a multistory building. This switch includes up to 3 T1/PRI interfaces and 8 to 16 BRI S/T interfaces. Additionally, this system can be configured with up to 4 - RS366/V.35 or RS449 interfaces. Includes the Q.931 tracing tools.
AccessSwitch 60 Designed for medium size regional offices, corporate sites and international locations. This is a slotted hub architecture with 6 total slots in the frame, 5 of which are available to customize the switch capabilities. Slot one, by default, is the system controller and on this slot there are 4 T1/PRI - RJ45 interfaces which can be configured as either Trunks or Ports. The remaining 5 slots can be used to support up to 24 T1/E1 or 40 BRI interfaces. This switch also includes the Q.931 protocol analyzer and management software.
AccessSwitch 200 Ideal for large corporate sites, laboratories and government locations. This is a 20 slot hub. Slot one, by default, is the system controller and on this slot there are 4 T1/PRI - RJ45 interfaces which can be configured as either Trunks or Ports. The remaining 19 slots can be used to support T1/E1 or BRI interface cards. This switch can be used to concentrate and distribute network facilities throughout an organization - saving thousands of dollars monthly. It can also be configured with redundant hot swappable power supplies for non-stop operation. Additionally, the switch supports all of the complex translations and protocol conversion capabilities of the AccessSwitch family. Q.931 protocol analysis capabilities allow in-depth troubleshooting while call display snapshots allow an administrator to view call traffic on the entire switch at a glance.
AccessWare Software This software enables local or remote configuration and monitoring of the AccessSwitch. The AccessWare Local Management Software (LMC) enables you to provision and manage the system locally with a direct connection from a PC to the AccessSwitch. The AccessWare Network Management Software (NMC) enables remote access via a modem or modem to IP connection for provisioning and management.
Intia Cards/Modules are individual plug-in modules that can be inserted into slots in either the AccessSwitch 60 (6 slot) or AccessSwitch 200 (20 slot) frame. They include:
VTIU, INP, INP3, INP4, INP4D, INP4/4T - System Controllers
SAIU, QRVX and DRVX - Synchronous Cards
OBIU, OBIU-U, BRIU - Basic Rate Cards
MCU4 - Multipoint Cards
Some of these cards have been revised to newer configurations over time. If you have cards/modules that are listed above, contact TKO for information on technical support, upgrades or replacements.

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