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Benchmark Testing

video conferencing software

TKO created an onsite benchmark testing laboratory and named it the "Olympia Lab". In this lab we set up varying conditions and loads for evaluation. TKO technicians create different conditions under which to test and then compare test results to a benchmark or desired result. Benchmark data help us advise customers to make appropriate changes to improve performance.

Testing Facility

We have experience drilling down and solving complex problems. Our technicians test assorted conferencing equipment and software revisions to ensure stability and repeatable operation. TKO facilities offer private and public network routing, test equipment, rack space, and 24-hour access. We can provide your visiting team with temporary work stations.

Olympia Lab

Technical Testing for:

  • audio streaming
  • video streaming
  • single number dialing for video conferencing
  • equipment load tests
  • codec performance

TKO maintains a test lab infrastructure because today's telephone and video conferencing technology can be complex to install, maintain and troubleshoot.

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Benchmark Success Story

With the very first benchmark test run at our Olympia Lab, TKO was able to determine for our customer that their build of streaming would crash when under stress. TKO's technical team worked collaboratively with the customer's own team to make necessary changes resulting in savings of time, money and embarrassment. When the product went live they realized nearly 100% success.

TKO Video Communications

TKO also provides training in telecommunications and video conferencing equipment (Cisco/Tandberg, Polycom, LifeSize, Sony and more), audio conferencing, satellite broadcasting, audio and video streaming.