WebEx Software

WebEx® provides a suite of video conferencing software and network services that enable users to hold online or web based data and video collaborative meetings. In a unique offering of browser based communications protocols, WebEx offers four products:

  • Meeting Center
  • Onstage
  • On Call
  • Training Center

Each of these software/browser based products allows users to broadcast to a geographically dispersed audience with limited capital investment. Below are brief descriptions of each WebEx video conferencing software product:

WebEx Meeting Center

Delivers a highly interactive Web meeting environment. A user can host an online meeting and share documents with others. Video conferencing is available along with applications sharing and remote control. With one push of a button a host can easily start an online meeting.

WebEx Onstage

Provides live interactive, multimedia Web seminars. With this software product a user can integrate multiple presenters from different locations all into one web based seminar. Rich multimedia tools from a user's desktop can be engaged to provide high quality animation and presentation effects.

WebEx OnCall

Enables technical support to remotely solve customer problems. This is web based customer service. Live interaction with customers via web based chat and device control is possible with On Call. This service uses WebEx's own interactive network that may be easily accessed by nearly any customer anywhere. The entire session between the support desk and customer can be recorded, archived and later reviewed.

WebEx Training Center

Empowers an instructor with an advanced online training center. Multiple presenters, assessment and sophisticated training tools with interactive multimedia presentations combine to deliver high quality online training and incredibly affordable rates. Break-out sessions, chat and question and answer (Q&A) sessions all facilitate the learning and collaboration.

Web based meeting tools promise to deliver some of the best value on the Internet.

TKO Video Communications

TKO also provides video conferencing equipment (Tandberg, Sony, Radvision, Initia AccessSwitch, Polycom, Cisco Systems) satellite broadcasting, audio and video streaming and audio conferencing. In addition, we offer video conference and telecommunications training.

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