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Sony Codec - PCS-1S

Sony PCS-1S
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The Sony PCS-1S Codec (compressor/decompressor) conforms to industry standard and provides the latest up-to-date video conferencing technology. The PCS-1S features are user-friendly and compatible with the full range of Sony video conferencing cameras and microphones.

The Ideal Collaboration Tool

Collaboration is the cornerstone for any successful meeting and Sony has combined superb audio and video quality into an easy-to-use, affordable video conferencing system. Delivering television-like picture quality, the PCS-1S offers a variety of choices to incorporate your presentation material.

Memory Stick® Media Support

The Memory Stick media allows presentation documents and photos to be displayed in 4CIF format without connecting to a computer. The graphics that are displayed can be transferred to remote sites.

Feature Rich, Standards Based

Using the latest video conferencing features and standards the user can bridge video conferences between ISDN and IP units. With (60 fps) and H.264 coding, the PCS-1S can also present up to 2Mbps over IP or 768Kbps in ISDN. Another important feature offers a 6-site H.320 and H.323 MCU, capable of cascading up to 10 locations. The PCS-1S also offers the protection of AES encryption.

QoS � ARC and ARQ

Maintaining picture quality is paramount. The PCS-1S has two built-in video conferencing technologies (ARC, ARQ) to improve and maintain picture and sound quality. Sony's Adaptive Rate Control (ARC) feature automatically adjusts picture quality to changing network conditions while the Auto Repeat reQuest (ARQ) feature helps to avoid picture collapse by recovering and resending lost packets.

Highlights and Features

The Sony PCS-1S codec offers the following products highlights and features. They include the following;

  • Support Up To 2 Mbps IP Or 768 Kbps ISDN
  • Improved Data Collaboration and File Sharing
  • Up To Six Site H.320 And H.323 MCUs
  • MCU Cascading Up To 10 Sites
  • Second Camera Support
  • Far-end Camera Control With Multipoint
  • Improved Picture MPEG-4 and H.264
  • Memory Stick
  • Audio 14kHz Quality (MPEG4 AAC)
  • IP Encryption Standard (AES)
  • T-120 Net Meeting
  • Data Solutions Box (PCS DSB1)
  • Digital Whiteboard Support (Mimio Xi)
  • Built-in QoS Technology(ARC and ARQ)

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