Codian (Tandberg Infrastructure Division)

Codian is a manufacturer of Multipoint Control Units (MCU), ISDN and IP gateways, video conferencing recorders, and streaming video solutions. Codian was selected as the recipient of Frost & Sullivanís 2006 Videoconferencing Entrepreneurial Company of the Year Award. Codian is nowa division of Tandberg specializing in enterprise solutions for video conferencing network infrastructures.

Authorized Codian Reseller

Authorized Codian Reseller (GSA Authorized)

TKO is an authorized reseller of all Codian products. When you purchase Codian products from TKO, our experienced project managers and engineers will install and test every function of these systems within your network and provide professional training to your employees. You can rest easy that your staff will be proficient in using these products and that your infrastructure will be up and running quickly. TKO provides solutions for all of your video conferencing needs from our full range of video conferencing equipment to our professional services (including outsourcing and service plans).

MCU 4500 Series (High Definition) The Codian MCU 4500 Series (MCU 4505, 4510, 4515, 4520) is an exceptional video conferencing bridging platform that provides High Definition affordably. In a single 2RU chassis Codian provides up to 40 video and 40 audio ports. Video ports provide fully transcoded, High Definition (720p) video at 30 frames per second even in continuous presence mode.

With the 4500 series you can mix and match standard definition and High Definition endpoints in a single multipoint video conference. Additionally, you can share PC images (H.239 content) seamlessly. This MCU supports the highest video resolutions, bandwidths, frame rates in all of its video layouts.
MCU 4200 Series The Codian MCU 4200 series (MCU 4203, 4205, 4210, 4215 and 4220) is designed to bring you economical high quality voice and video conferencing available in today's market. The MCU 4200 series also enables streaming in Windows Media Player™, RealPlayer™, or QuickTime™ with its embedded streaming server. Combining capacity, compatability, and unparalleled quality into a versatile, easy to use interface, Codian has leapt ahead of other manufacturers of multipoint control units.
MSE 8000 Chassis The Codian Media Service Engine 8000 is ideal for service providers, large corporations, or government applications. Constructed as a powerful, fault-tolerant video conferencing solution using individual blades for each application a user group requires, the carrier-class audio / video chassis delivers over 10 times (up to 1 Gbit/s) the through-put of existing solutions. The blades support multiple options including multipoint conferencing, streaming, recording or gateway functions.
ISDN Gateway 3200
The Codian ISDN GW 3200 series (GW 3210, 3220 and 3240) is a range of high performance video gateways, which enables ISDN network connectivity for any IP-based endpoints. These gateways ensure that IP based H.323 video endpoints can easily connect to ISDN based H.320 video systems. The Gateway 3200 series supports configurations from 1 PRI interface to 4 PRI interfaces respectively.
IP Gateway 3500 Series With the Codian IP GW 3500 Series, an organization can publish a single IP address to serve as a portal to all its video communications users, comparable to the switchboard number for traditional telephone calls. No prior set up is required for new Internet users. They are greeted with either a live operator or auto attendant for professional and efficient call management. Callers can also use the intuitive auto attendant menu to connect directly to common destinations or dial in directly using extension numbers. Codian IP GW 3500 Series is a gateway for seamless and secure voice and video communication from the Internet to the intranet.
IP VCR 2200 Series The Codian IP VCR 2200 series (IP VCR 2210, 2220 and 2240) of IP Video Conference Recorders allows users to record video and slides from standard video conferencing equipment. The content can be played back on-demand and streamed live at multiple bitrates to a Web interface using QuickTime™, RealPlayer™ & Windows Media Player™ formats or viewed on normal IP (H.323) video endpoints with optimal video quality. Export recordings for convenient archiving on an external server or burn to CDs or DVDs.
Free trial and demo

Free Trial and Demo

The Codian MCU and IP VCR products are available online for a free trial and demo. Our engineers will be happy to assist with your demonstration and answer questions you may have about Codian products. For more information, please contact TKO toll free at 1.800.216.3476 or email

Maintenance and service

Maintenance/Service Plans

TKO delivers same day URGENT SERVICE to video conferencing networks in select metro areas of the United States and we provide next day service throughout much of the developed world. These support services are designed to offer MISSION CRITICAL support to your video network. Contact us at 1.800.216.3476 for further information or visit TKO's Service Plans for our complete selection.

Training program

Training Programs

Our customers depend on us to manage their networks every day. In the late 1990's our customers began asking TKO to help train their own staff members to do what we know how to do. Today, our mission is to offer the same high quality training to you. Please visit our video conferencing Training section for more information.

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Founded in 1995, TKO is based in San Jose, California with offices in New York City, San Diego, Washington, D.C., Cork, Ireland, and Singapore. TKO is a global leader in providing high-quality and reliable video communication solutions for business, government and education organizations. Our services include network engineering, training, and video conferencing equipment sales and service for Codian, LifeSize, Tandberg, Polycom, Sony, Initia products.

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