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As a leading worldwide provider of video conferencing systems, Tandberg offers a number of video conferencing software packages in tandem with their products. Two such software packages are the Tandberg Scheduler and the Tandberg Management Suite. Both are web-based applications that supplement and enhance the Tanberg video conferencing products

  • Tandberg Management Suite - A web-based application used to maintain, manage and monitor the video conferencing network within an organization. Very cost effective if your organization plans keep detail records (e.g. call duration, bandwidth usage, diagnostic reports and billing information).
  • Tandberg Scheduler - This software application can be used by an unlimited number of employees within a company or organization. The Tandberg Scheduler can keep track of your appointments, contact potential participants via email and reserve a room. You can also check video conferencing equipment as well as room availability.
Tandberg Video Conferencing Software

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At TKO, we believe in finding solutions to not only your video conferencing software but also finding solutions to all your video communications needs. TKO also offers network services, installation, testing, maintenance and service plans as well as urgent service and training programs for your employees. Contact us today for further information.

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TKO an industry leader in video communications, offers telecommunications and video conference training, conferencing software and equipment (Tandberg, Polycom, Cisco, Sony, Radvision and more) including testing, installation and service plans. TKO also offers audio conferencing, satellite broadcasting, video and audio streaming.

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