Tandberg Scheduler Software

Tandberg Scheduler - Video Conferencing Software

The Tandberg Scheduler Software can be an important asset to your video conferencing network. This software can keep track of your appointments, contact potential participants via email and reserve a room. You can also check video conferencing equipment as well as room availability. The Scheduler is available from employees' desktop computer and is simple enough for the most inexperienced video conferencing user yet powerful enough so that an unlimited amount of employees can use it within your organization.

Software Functions

The Tandberg Scheduler has the following important functions;

  • Automatic Call Routing - Determines and identifies the best type of optimal bandwidth and network as well as identifies the best configuration for multipoint and point-to-point video conference meetings.
  • Personal Calendar - Checks your scheduled meetings including location, dates and times.
  • Automatic Call Initiation - Automatically connects calls at scheduled or preset times.
  • Automatic Time Zone Adjustment - Email predetermined meetings that will reflect the employees local time zones
  • Integrated with Microsoft Outlook - An email confirmation can be sent the employee's inbox whenever an employee books a meeting. The confirmation can be saved in the Microsoft Outlook Calendar as a reminder to the employee.

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